Photon Energy Waves

one technology does it all

features of the semi-conductor chips embedded in our products



Cells Rejuvenation

Encourage activity in our cells promoting cell repair, improving immunity and defense functions. This promotes anti-inflammation and abirritation abilities, and helps our bodies fight infections.


Large groups of water molecules are broken down into smaller groups, helping our bodies expel fats and toxins faster.

Blood CirculatioN

A thermal effect is produced when Photon Energy Waves are released, promoting blood vessels dilation to increase blood flow.


The root, Your Cells

Engages endothelial cells, fibroblasts and facial stem cells to encourage collagen production, skin repairs and cellular growth.

Going the Depth

Surpassing our skin's primary layers through the fats and tissue layers to the roots of lasting youth.


Photon Energy Waves penetrate deeply to increase activity level of water molecules in our body. This increases its oxygen level and slows down aging.

Harnessing the power of Photon Energy Wave and its effects on our stem cells, our revolutionary products help you to unlock a life of good health and beauty.

Photon Energy Waves (PEW)

The best section of far-infrared rays for our bodies.

In recent decades, researchers discovered that far-infrared light waves have positive effects on our bodies. Far-infrared light waves measure at 4~14µm, and have been dubbed the “Light of Life”. Commonly used for therapy, far-infrared radiation has the ability to penetrate our bodies to improve blood flow, provide pain relief, promote relaxation and recovery.

In recent years however, it has been found that far-infrared light waves measuring at 8~14µm are more effective as it is alike the cellular resonance frequency of our bodies. More specifically, with the human body’s wavelength at 9.35µm, far-infrared light waves that measure 9~10µm are the most beneficial. This particular section of light waves is also known as “Photon Energy Wave”, the technology behind our products to deliver the essence of good health.


Research on Blood Stem Cells

Effects of far-infrared rays on the proliferation and differentiation of peripheral blood stem cells

In this study, we investigated the effects of far infrared rays on the morphology and differentiation of peripheral blood stem cells.

Results: Far-infrared irradiation of 9.35µm

The differentiation of peripheral blood stem cells also increased with time. However, the number of differentiated cell agglutination was the highest in 30 minutes irradiation. The difference in results between the various irradiation times was large.

Our research continues..

Clinical Trials Conducted with Taiwan Local Hospital and University for :

Investigation of Far-Infrared Rays on the Improvement of Dysaytonomia and Enhancement of Immunity (Taiwan)

Effect of Far-Infrared Rays Heat Therapy on the Elderly Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus (Taiwan)

Biological Effect of Far-Infrared Rays Hot Compression on Superoxide and Anions in Human (Taiwan)

Certificates :

Patents, ISO, Medical Grade Product and Distribution.


“I no longer experience stomach cramps and bloat after eating. Relieve my neck stiffness and pain.”

“Relieved my constipation and reduce my pimple breakouts and now my complexion has greatly improved.”

“People around me said I looked radiant! My condition has improved a lot, with my vision getting clearer!”

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