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With full body coverage, support your overall wellbeing and target the root of your beauty.

The Photon Power Beauty Recliner unlocks the benefits of Photon Energy Wave (PEW) to naturally enhance your physical beauty by focusing on your inner health:

– Promotes blood circulation
– Improves metabolism
– Improves anti-oxidation ability
– Relieve insomnia
– Improve skin complexion and texture
– Reshape body
– Reduce water retention

How does it work?
Inner health, outer beauty. The Beauty Recliner is embedded with our patented Energy Semiconductor Chips to release Photon Energy Waves, activating dormant stem cells in your body to initiate anti-aging mechanisms. The Beauty Recliner is also enhanced with a thermal effect to boost the effectiveness of PEW, provide heat therapy, promote blood circulation and improve anti-oxidation ability. Consistent use of the Beauty Recliner will also help to alleviate back pain, stiff shoulders and constipation.

Coverage: Full body, focusing on your calves.

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Recommended for:
High Blood Pressure, Parkinson’s Disease, Asthma, Chronic back pain, Spinal injuries, Frozen shoulder, Tennis elbow, Calf pain, Poor blood circulation, Age prevention, Varicose veins, Detoxification, Water retention (for slimming effect), Weak limbs & numbness, Insomnia, Chronic fatigue, Stress & anxiety and more.

How do I use it?
For General Health Care:
Daily: 1-2 hours
For Therapy:
Daily: 2-4 hours

Drink at least a cup of water before and after the use of our products.
Warning: If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before use.



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