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Premium Health Series

crafted by our medical equipment factory certified by

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A premium holistic system series designed to be a Non-InvasiveNatural Healing and Cost Effective alternative solution that nurtures improvement on the “three highs”; High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol & High Sugar level and ideal for post stroke and injuries rehabilitation care.

“The key to a quality living is the tiny wellness habits that harness compounding positive benefits for us.”

All the right reasons our clients say “YES!” to our Health/Beauty Recliners


Good well-being come from consistent effort to combat our daily ageing. With our Advance Regenerative Wellness Systems made for home usage, you don’t have to step out to enjoy your daily wellness feed, enjoy them at the comfort of your home, at your own pace. 

Cost Effective

As compared to solutions with recurrable cost, our systems doesn’t come with any. It’s designed to last you for a good 10 years to achieve an optimum well-being as we age gracefully and pain-free at a slower pace.

Benefit Generations

Our holistic wellness systems are crafted for all ages, from teens to adult and elders. One for all. Soothing minor conditions such as backache, shift shoulders to chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

Our Clients' Journey

“I am a cancer survivor and had undergone chemotherapy which caused my body to weaken. After six months, my lymphoma relapsed but my body was too weak for chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. I started using the Health Recliner consistently and saw amazing improvement. Even my doctor was surprised with my progress! The lump reduced in size and I could feel a huge improvement in my health. I now feel a lot better and can go about daily activities without a problem.”
“I felt more refreshed and energetic after using the Health/Beauty Recliner. Soon, I also realised it relieve the joint pain and stiffness in my fingers and swelling in my wrist!
I suffered stroke 12 years ago and since then the mobility of my left body has been limited. In my first week of using Health Recliner, I'm surprise to feel the stiffness on my left hand and leg eased. And after months of using I'm able to walk faster and with more ease . It's been so long since I feel better about my body, I'm so please with the improvement i feel.

What is Photon Energy Waves (PEW)?

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