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We believe that the very essence of good health and beauty is our cellular health. Our approach to the everyday quest for health and wellness is cells, the basic building blocks of all living things. We start there. Our technology rejuvenates your cells to address the root of your concerns so you can see and feel true transformation from within.

Behind the scene

Empowering the roots of health and beauty since 2010

11 years of health and beauty, 1 technology, 14 products

Sun Alliances was founded to support individuals’ journey to achieving a healthier, better lifestyle. We create products with our patented Photon Energy Waves technology to bring you natural healing for finer living.

We have your interests all covered

Everyone’s quest for good health and beauty should be simple, direct and effective.

Start your journey with Photon Energy Waves towards :

すこやか sukoyaka

healthy and vigorous

麗しい uruwashī

shine and glow

元気満々 genki manman

energy and vitality

Our Beauty Clients who fall in love with

Photon Power
Face Mask

Our Clients who fall in
love with

Health and Wellness Kits

Testimonial Avatar-Male

Bok Choon

“ After using the Power Energy Pad, people around me said I looked radiant! My job is stressful and requires me to face the computer for long hours, which caused eye strain and worsened my Presbyopia. I started using the Eye Mask when I sleep and my condition has improved a lot, with my vision getting clearer!

Testimonial Avatar-Male


“ Since using the Waist Belt, I no longer experience stomach cramps and bloat after eating. Having gained confidence in the product, I started using the Neck Wrap as well. After my spinal operation to remove a bone spur in the neck sitting on my nerves, the Neck Wrap helped to relieve stiffness and pain. To relieve muscle tension around my legs and arms, I also started using the Knee Wrap. I have since added the Power Energy Pad to my collection and now hug it to sleep every night, easing my chest and stomach area. ”

Testimonial Avatar-Male


“ I am a cancer survivor and had undergone chemotherapy which caused my body to weaken. After six months, my lymphoma relapsed but my body was too weak for chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. I started using the Health Recliner consistently and saw amazing improvement. Even my doctor was surprised with my progress! The lump reduced in size and I could feel a huge improvement in my health. I now feel a lot better and can go about daily activities without a problem. ”

Testimonial Avatar-Female


“ I felt more refreshed and energetic after using the Health/Beauty Recliner. Soon, I also realised it relieve the joint pain in my fingers and swelling in my wrist!

Testimonial Avatar-Female

Mdm Tan

“Since using the Health Recliner, people started telling me my skin was glowing and that I looked fresh, despite after long hours of work!”

Testimonial Avatar-Female


" Both the Face Mask and the Knee Wrap have been effective for me. Whenever I experience pain on my knees, I use the Knee Wrap and its condition instantly improves the next day. "

Testimonial Avatar-Female


“ My gums and face became swollen due to an inflammation of my gums. I began using the Face Mask which greatly reduced the swelling and it also eliminated my eye bags!

Testimonial Avatar-Male


“ I was looking for a way to improve the conditions of my glaucoma and cataracts. Since using the Photon Power Face Mask, my glaucoma has stabilised and I believe with time, my eye health will continue to improve. ”

Testimonial Avatar-Female


“ I only use the products when I sleep and the Waist Belt has relieved my constipation! I also started using the Face Mask which helped to reduce my pimple breakouts and now my complexion has greatly improved.

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Dedicatedly design to care for the daily aging of our skin and facial sense including our children’s eye health.


Dedicatedly design to care for the daily tension we build up on our body from our lifestyle and injuries that affects our agility.

Engage, regenerate and rejuvenate your cells.


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